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This was a commissioned series for my brother. I think they are still some of my paintings I am still can't believe I made them. They make me incredibly happy.


After I finished the Robots through history commission, I didn't want to stop painting my favourite historical paintings, so I started the selfie series. It is my intention to continue making one every year or two, to have a record of my aging and skill progression.

Paintings and Commissions

These are some of my favourite custom pieces, one-off paintings and practice works that I fell in love with.


Custom memory baby quilts. I replied to a person on FB looking for someone to make a baby quilt that incorporated her bridesmaid dress into the quilt. She was super happy with the first one that she contacted me to make a second, which I suggested making custom hand carved stamps to really customize the quilts. I think I ended up making 4 or 5 and it was super stressful every timer. 100% LOVE each one, definitely would hesitate to do it again.

Hand printed pillows and zipper pouches. Love and would make again if someone commissioned me, or I was making them for myself.

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