Medium Impact - An Exploration of Art & Craft 2018

Medium Impact is an exploration of how different art mediums affect a single subject matter. The goal is to discuss Art and Craft, and whether you can have one without the other, by depicting one still life in many different mediums. By exploring the different techniques, one thing became clear to the artist, now more than ever, the line between the two is blurred: Art can be crafted and Craft can be Art depending on the intention, however it is not guaranteed to be Art if it is crafted and Art does not require Craft to be Art. Gray invites the viewer to get involved in the discussion, fill in a questionnaire and submit it to the artist to help decide what is art and what is craft.

“At the beginning of this journey, I thought I had a clear idea about the differences between Art and Craft, but the more mediums I worked with, those ideas seemed to fizzle away. I had set out to make a distinction between the two but I now find them more entangled than ever before. It seems to me, that the artistic intention over the application is what makes something art over craft but I feel like I’m just getting started on this road to discovery”

- Molly Gray