Molly Gray is a multi-media artist working predominantly with acrylic and watercolour paint, and printmaking as Goat & Pebble Co.

Themes in her work vary between mediums.  Her acrylic paintings explore questions of modern instant media culture, often juxtaposing classic known works with the stark interruptions of technology.  These satirical pieces playfully challenge the viewer to question how our culture's values have shifted over time.  In contrast, her watercolour works concentrate on the simplicity and beauty found in nature.  Gray captures still life with series that focus on animals, plant life and fruit, often finding inspiration in her outdoor surroundings or the simple beauty of the everyday.  The evolution of her work is influenced by her curiosity of the world around her, which is currently a wide-open space in Fort Langley, BC.  

To check out her hand printed wearable/usable art, visit Goat and Pebble Co.